When and where does the club meet?

We meet in each Wednesday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm in Fox 107.


Who can become a member?

Any WVC student who has completed at least 12 units of credit and has a cumulative 3.0 or high grade point average may join! Incoming Freshman from high school may join as a temporary member if they graduated High School with at least a 3.5 grade point average or is a permanent member of CFS. If you don't fall into either of these but wish to participate in club events, you may become a non active member and you will not recieve transcript notation, however you are welcome to join us at all of our meetings and activites.


I can't meet on Wednesdays because I have a conflict with that time. Can I still join?

Yes! Many members are unable to come to the meetings and still fulfill their points requirement to get transcript credit each semester. In some cases, the student may qualify for a points exemption in which case they may need to earn as few as 15 points to get transcript credit! 

Students must be sure to get their application in on time (usually within the first 3 weeks of each semester) to one of the Advisors and keep in touch via the the website for opportunities to earn your points towards transcript credit! No late applications will be accepted.


How do I get transcript credit for being a member of Alpha Gamma Sigma?

The student must maintain a 3.0 grade point average and fulfill the points requirement per semester by the due date (required points vary, please see the Points Exemption Form under the Forms tab). In addition, the student must be enrolled and complete at least 6 units each semester they wish to get transcript credit.


What are Points? How do I earn them?

Members earn points in three different categories of participation in the club: General Points, Community Service Points and Fundraising Points. Please see the Points Information tab for a full explanation!


How do I submit community service hours for points? 

To earn points for community service hours, AGS members must submit to the AGS Points Secretary hardcopy proof of completed service by the deadline for submitting community service verifications each semester. 

If any of the following requirements are absent from a letter verifying completed community service, the AGS Points Secretary or an Advisor may not to issue points credit to the member. 

A letter verifying completed community service must:

  1. be on official letterhead paper from the institution for which the service was performed (if available)
  2. contain a description of service with specific duties performed
  3. list the exact dates and times (start and stop) of service
  4. display the name, title, phone number, and signature of the institution's representative who oversaw the service

The institution's representative who oversaw the service performed should be informed that the AGS Points Secretary and/or an Advisor may call to validate the letter.  If you have any questions about community service points, please feel free to speak to the AGS Points Secretary or an Advisor.


What does each officer do?

President - Plans out the meetings and delegates each officer to make sure the club runs smoothly

Vice President - Plans and executes TSA dinner for the semester

Treasurer - Handles fundraisers and finances for AGS

Recording Secretary - Takes notes from the weekly meeting and uploads them to the website

Points Secretary - Keeps track of all points earned by members

ICC Representative - Represents AGS at Student Government meetings and reports back to AGS with updates from the Student Gov. meetings

Webmaster - The Webmaster is in charge of operating and updating the website, assisting with technology, and overseeing the online registration process. The Webmaster is the only officer position that is not elected each semester.