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Bake Sale 2.0

Our next bake sale is coming up soon!

Sign up here to volunteer at the bake sale table!

Sign up here to donate baked goods!

Dates: Monday, November 5th - Thursday, November 8th

Time: 9:00 - 2:00 (8:45-9:00 for setup and 2:00-2:15 for cleanup)

Please drop off your baked goods donations around 8:45-9:00am so we can have them ready for setup! Contact Evie ( or Mika ( to arrange an alternate time if necessary!

You get 1 fundraising point per hour you table and 1 fundraising point per 2 dozen baked goods you donate ---Baked goods must be at least 3 inches in diameter and individually wrapped for points!

**Everything is labeled with "2.0" to distinguish from our last bake sale**