Points Information

What are points?

Points are the method that AGS uses to determine whether or not a student has maintained “active” membership in the club. Active members (those who have earned their total required points and met other basic requirements) will earn transcript credit.

The points are generally given out as 1 point per hour in the following three categories: fundraising, community service and general. All three categories are generally 1 point per hour of service, but there are many exceptions. AGS meetings are worth 1 general point (2 if you wear your shirt) and some activities have a different tally method, such as See's Candy Sales (determined by dollar amount).

Because no two volunteer events are necessarily run the same each semester, it is the student's responsibility to find out how the points will be awarded per activity, as it may have changed since the last semester!


When are they due?

Check the Important Dates/Events tab for the due date – it is usually much earlier than one would suspect. It will be before finals, before dead week, and even before the last AGS meeting of the year! Advisors need these numbers early enough to submit them to the state, thus the early due date. No late points accepted!

This semester's points will be due on May 2nd make sure you get them in on or before that date!


How many points do I need to earn transcript credit? How many points in each of the three areas?

Everyone starts having to earn 30 points. (However, this number may be adjusted if the student qualifies for an exemption.)

The three areas of points are fundraising, community service, and general.

A student who must earn 30 points must also earn a minimum of 7 fundraising points and 7 community service points. All remaining points can be earned through any category!

Thus, any of the following example scenarios would earn this student transcript credit

  • Student A: 7 fundraising, 7 community service, 16 general. (Overall total = 30) - YES!
  • Student B: 7 fundraising, 23 community service (Overall total = 30) - YES!
  • Student C: 10 fundraising, 10 community service, 100 general (Overall total = 120) – YES!

Here are examples that would not earn this student transcript credit: 

  • Student X: 7 fundraising, 6 community service, 17 general (Overall total = 30) – NO! (not enough community service)
  • Student Y: 5 fundraising, 50 community service, 1000 general (Overall total = 1055!) - NO!  (not enough fundraising)
  • Student Z: 7 fundraising, 7 community service, 15 general (Overall total = 29) – NO!  (not enough Overall points)


What are Exemptions?

There are exemptions (reduction of required points) for various reasons. The current exemption list as of Spring 2015 is

  • Working 25 – 40 hours per week --> only 15 points
  • Working 15 – 24 hours per week --> only 20 points
  • Enrolled in 18 or more units--> only 15 points
  • Have a documented class during the AGS meetings --> only 25 points
  • Are parents or legal guardians --> only 15 points
  • Serve as a committee coordinator --> only 15 points
  • Serve on one or more committees --> only 25 points

In addition, with the lowering of the overall points due, there is a slight reduction on the minimums required in the Community Service and Fundraising areas. The obligations are as follows:

  • 30 points = 7 fundraising and 7 community service points
  • 25 points = 6 fundraising and 6 community service points
  • 20 points = 5 fundraising and 5 community service points
  • 15 points = 4 fundraising and 4 community service points

Please look at the examples on the question above for the policy on meeting minimums in the two areas (fundraising and community service) as well as fulfilling the overall points requirement!


I recently spent time raising money for my Church (or Scouts, Community Club, UNICEF, Environmental Club, etc). Does that count for Fundraising points?

Unfortunatly no.

Only fundraising that directly benefits AGS would earn fundraising points. However, those hours may be converted to community service points if you can provide proper documentation!

The rational is that AGS needs to raise funds to cover many of its activities and club goals. AGS helps members to attend Regional and State AGS conventions by covering up to half of the registration costs, AGS contributes funds to other groups on campus, and ultimately AGS awards scholarships each semesters to members of AGS.


Help! Please give me an idea of what activities qualify for each of the three categories.

This is a general list of some past events, please check specifically each semester with an Advisor or Points Secretary to make sure it is still in the same category. Some events do change category depending on how it is set up that semester.


  • Attending AGS Meeting
  • Recruiting
  • Some Fun Activities

Fundraisingfor the benefit of AGS!

  • Bake Sale – Selling in the Booth
  • Bake Sale – Baking For Bake Sale
  • Selling See's Candy
  • Going to scheduled AGS restaurant fundraisers

Community Service

  • Adult Scout Volunteer
  • Hospital Volunteer
  • Voting/Poll Worker
  • Volunteer Sports Coach
  • Church Nursery Caregiver
  • AIDS Walk (Breast Cancer Walk, Leukemia Walk, etc)
  • Volunteer Tutor
  • Church Fundraiser
  • Scouting Fundraiser 
  • Soup Kitchen Volunteer
  • AGS sponsored Blood Drive
  • AGS sponsored Second Harvest Food Drive


How do I turn in my points?

AGS Wednesday Meeting and AGS shirt points – sign on the sign-in sheet at the meeting!

If the activity was done solo (ie: volunteering at your local church, scouting group, voter/poll worker, set-up a WVC event such as the Pow Wow), please get your work documented on organization letterhead with a supervisor signature. Then simply hand the form directly to the Points Secretary at a AGS meeting.

If the activity is being done under the supervision or direction of an AGS Officer of Coordinator, be sure to report the hours directly to them. They will tally the group's efforts and submit them all at once to the Points Secretary. Activities that fall into this category are events such as Bake Sales, Booth Sales, Teacher Appreciation design, decoration, set-up and tear-down, etc.

See's Candy – points are tallied on the due date according to how much you sold. As long as you turned in your sales envelope in time, nothing further is needed.


I can not come to Wednesday meetings, therefore I am unable to turn in my Community Service or other points forms. Now what?

The best course of action is to hand your form off to an officer who will in turn give it to the points secretary. Other options may be available depending on your situation, speak with an officer or advisor for more information on your options.